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Susan’s course is deeply nourishing. For those who love books, people, nature and healing, Susan elegantly combines this majestic quartet into a set of keys to the heart. 

Her keys fit the hearts of the grieving, the hurting, the lonely, the seeking, the lost, the suffering as well as the emerging, the joyous, the deeply feeling and the creative ones. 

Her bibliotherapy keys open doors long since closed against our chests. Dusty, guarding doors that slowly creak open as Susan begins to read aloud, allowing light into darkened places. 

Susan has given me a set of tools I never knew I needed. I have long since had a deep love for books and knew they could be used for healing, but I didn’t know how. I now have a map and a candle with which to begin my journey towards using literature, poem and all written expressions of this human experience to help to relieve some of the confusion and suffering inherent in this physical world. 

Susan has taught me how to access the wonderful healing power of story. The way sitting to listen to a fairytale or a poem from a compassionate other can magically restore hope to an inner child. 

I came away deeply inspired by Susan’s bibliotherapy course and I am watching, with wonder and curiosity, how bibliotherapy will establish itself in my life. 
Ellie, Osteopath


Doing the course is like walking through a door into a space that is filled with hope, compassion and showcases how therapeutically beneficial literature is. I would especially recommend the course to any art/creative therapists as it beautifully overlaps in intention, theory and practice. Bibliotherapy is a wonderful tool to support each and every person who wants to maintain good mental health. It is worth doing this course. 
Keisha, Art Therapist


I have been teaching for twenty-one years and have not come across teacher training that is heart focused. Bibliotherapy should be available in all organisations as part of mental health wellness. Susan guides with love, wisdom and grace.
Meral, Secondary School Teacher


This course is wonderful – compassionate, informative and deep. It is an excellent overview of the power of literature as a healing tool and bibliotherapy’s potential to harness and facilitate this. 
Kate, Writer


Dr Susan’s desire for others to learn how Bibliotherapy can lead to meaningful reflection, conversation  and provide solace for the heart and mind is contagious.
Pam, Head of School Librarian


Dr Susan McLaine brings to ‘Building Bibliotherapy Skills’ all the warmth and wisdom of her love of literature and the people who listen and are enriched by it. 
Elizabeth, Mental health program professional


Building Bibliotherapy Skills’ balances theory with activities and discussions and is designed to equip participants to confidently devise their own Bibliotherapy practice. 
Jennie, Librarian, Bibliotherapist


The course was fantastic and I’m very glad that I enrolled. It was a very thought-provoking course, and Susan’s calming presence allowed easy participation. I feel that I now have a good understanding of what bibliotherapy is. 
Rebecca, Speech Therapist


Susan has designed a very achievable, structured introduction to bibliotherapy. The modules build on one another, and the content is accessible and digestible. The materials are supportive and useful, and the reading resources are rich, varied, and interesting. I’m really glad I did the training. 
Renata, Tertiary Librarian Professional


Wonderful inclusive sessions that taught all aspects of bibliotherapy, but also as a better person in community. I loved the modules with clear objectives and review. 
Lydia, Head of School Librarian & Mentor


This course has opened up a new way of assisting others in the community. 
Alan, Author, Counsellor and Men’s Health Advocate


This was an insightful and delightful course to take part in. Susan delivers a well- informed and useful course that not only explains the theory of bibliotherapy, but also how to run a supportive and therapeutic experience across different disciplines.
Caitlin, Public Library Professional


This training left me feeling well prepared to begin a bibliotherapy program of my own and was delivered in a way that left me excited for what is possible.
Jenner, School Librarian


The Building Bibliotherapy Skills course inspired me to go on a journey of making a difference in the world. The course is well run, interesting and inspiring. Susan is a wonderful presenter and has opened my heart and mind to a world of literature and its connection to wellbeing.
Linda, Professional Counsellor


Building Skills in Bibliotherapy was a fantastic workshop. It was packed with information and tips to build our skills but thanks to Dr Susan McLaine’s kind, gentle and compassionate approach it never felt overwhelming. Her passion is infectious and I can’t wait to start sharing this wonderful modality within my own community.
Ann-Marie, Health Promotion, Case Manager, Community Services


These three days have been illuminating and I am grateful to Susan for her knowledge, care and enthusiasm. I feel like I am ready to fill my toolbox with some heart centred tools. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am I met you and got to experience these last 3 days immersed in a wonderful heart-centred environment. An environment you created through your genuine generosity, passion and care for others.  It shines through you in such a pure way Susan, you are most assuredly a wonderful light in a world that can seem dark at times. 
Elsa, Public Library Professional


This training has opened my eyes to so many possibilities.
Danielle, Public Library Professional


This was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to put this into practice. This was a very helpful and practical course. The theory behind bibliotherapy was well-explained, the ins-and-outs of running a course was well explained, and the sample texts were relevant and useful. The environment was positive and I felt comfortable and well-supported. The structure of the course was well planned and made sense over the three-day delivery. Thank you Susan for such a wonderful course.

The workshop was fantastic. I felt it was paced really well and the level and detail of the information was great. I particularly like the idea of the of the psychological approaches and practices to develop an understanding the therapeutic intention. I don’t feel there was anything lacking.

The course followed a progression of skills needed to go into the workplace or community and implement bibliotherapy sessions. The focus on the heart is inspiring. It beautifully wove literature, theory and practical skills together. Susan, you are a gifted presenter, inclusive, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Yet you make participants feel comfortable and valued. I loved this course and would recommend it highly to any colleagues.

Well-paced and carefully delivered. Skilfully demonstrated how to value silence and provided time and opportunities for reflection. I feel well prepared to start implementing bibliotherapy in my own space and excited by the possibilities this training has opened up.

I loved the course. It is innovative, creative and nurturing. It has the ability to make real and attainable change in people’s lives. Changes of the heart and mind in a positive way. 

This is the first training I have been able to absorb, ponder and sit with ideas. Learning while letting go of the noise of the world was therapeutic. I’ve gained so much insight about slowing down my approach.


This was an amazingly comprehensive course, it covered a range of topics that help you feel supported in starting bibliotherapy. There is so much in this course to dwell over and consider how this could be applied to other disciplines. It was a rich experience.


I found the course really wonderful. You created a warm collaborative atmosphere. Susan, you were a great listener and communicator. I loved the compassion, gentle humour and the way the information was conveyed and the mixture of texts and factual information.


It was a very welcoming space, where I didn’t feel pushed to participate more than I felt comfortable with. This was a very good demonstration of creating a safe environment in a bibliotherapy session and made me wish I was an actual participant in a session. Having no pressure made it feel that I had control over what was being absorbed.


The course was magnificent. I am eager and cannot wait to begin incorporating bibliotherapy into my world. Thankyou so much Susan, you truly gave me the tools to help me find my deeper truth and next manifestation of service. 


The course was facilitated with heart rather than ambition. I am deeply grateful Susan. Thank you.


You won’t regret attending. It made me wish I could attend an actual bibliotherapy session as a participant.


Thank you Susan. An interesting three days that allowed me to do a good deal of reflection.


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